Day 13 Close

I’m not doing so well at the photos everyday … I’m not at home, I’m in a foreign country and the wi-fi blows.  It’s hard to take photos in SL.

I wanted to post this picture though. To remind myself of how close I’ve become to this guy. To remind myself of everything he means to me and how I never, ever want to loose that.

loops & bear wintr 4_001_Fotor

Day 9 Cat

This one is sorta cheating as its not SL it’s RL but I think I get away with it because they are JUST SO ADORABLE!! My two wee real life beautiful kittycats 😻😻 x


Day 5 Cheer

Happy Birthday Joe.png

The real life birthday of one of the most special of special people in all of the Second life land. There was certainly a great deal of cheer and we even did speeches. Mine was the most rubbish but are least I went first. The theme was gothic cowboy (weird right? Wasn’t me!).

I like days like that, when we get to appreciate the folk who matter to us. Isn’t it good to let them know they do 💖

Day 4 Breakfast

There are better things for breakfast than food…

Better things than food breakfast.png

I was late with this one. It was my friend’s birthday yesterday and I got a bit distracted with all the silliness 🙂 but better late than never huh?  I can’t take the credit for this staging. I had a little help, okay a lot of help, actually maybe I just carried out the freshly made pancakes, coffee and muffin, plonked them down and then promptly forgot all about them! All the rest of these beautiful al fresco breakfasty things were already there, expertly placed by the sleepy guy in the photo. The wee robin from yesterday’s picture is still hanging around though. Maybe he feels peckish and will manage to have a little nibble before things go cold.

Day 3 Macro

365 Robin.png

Day 3 brings Macros and I had to look up what a Macro  actually was, just to be sure because, well if I hadn’t you’d probably be looking at some sorta picture of Visual Basic here 😉

For those of you who don’t know (which is probably nobody) it’s this;

Macro photography is a kind of photography. Macro photography is about photographing objects that are very close to the lens, the film or the sensor. Using the classic definition, in macro photography the image shown on the film plane (or sensor) is nearly as big as the object photographed.

Thanks Wikipedia!  You’re great even if you do keep emailing me for money!

This wee Robin sits on our land on a cute wee snow covered humpback bridge singing away to me every day. My mate Joe translated for me, he speaks Robin y’see and told me this is what he’s chirruping and it was just so lovely I though I’d share! And doesn’t he loop super realistic with  his texturing?  Great job creator person, you did  good!

Little Robin Redbreast
Sat upon a rail;
Niddle noble went his head,
Widdle waggle went his tail.[2]

Right hand extended in shape of a bird
poised on extended forefinger of left hand.
Little finger of right hand waggles from side to side.

Little Robin Redbreast
Came to visit me;
This is what he whistled,
Thank you for my tea.[2]

Little Robin Redbreast
Sat upon a tree,
Up went the Pussy-Cat,
And down went he;
Down came Pussy-Cat,
Away Robin ran,
Says little Robin Redbreast—
Catch me if you can.
Little Robin Redbreast jumped upon a wall,
Pussy-Cat jumped after him, and almost got a fall.
Little Robin chirped and sung, and what did pussy say?
Pussy-Cat said Mew, mew mew,—and Robin jumped away.[3]


Day 2 Excitement

Excitment day 2.png

I mean, who wouldn’t be excited right? All that adorable fluffy loveliness appearing quite unexpectedly as I rounded the corner squinting from the low winter sun. I was so happy I almost tripped over and I most definitely let out a little squeal of joy! Of course I just had to sit awhile and soon all thoughts of fairies were completely forgotten,replaced with purs and soft fur and kitty cuddles. I think they did it on purpose, those sneaky wee fae creatures, it is certainly wholly enchanting.  I do need to … do something. I can’t quite remember what though…

Whatever it is, maybe tomorrow…

Day 1; A year in the Second Life…Jan 1st 2020


Someone sent me a link to this the other day 365 Day’s photo challenge and I thought it might be quite fun to take part. It would be kinda interesting right? To look back on a entire year of Second Life stuff and have it all de-picted and there forever to remember. Especially now, because right now lots and lots of wonderful things are happening and, quite probably, I am loving SL more than I can ever remember loving it  the last decade!  I am stupidly happy and this is due to the amazing, nutty people I am spending time with… they have the HUGEST of hearts and the silliest of souls and I’m sure they will feature many, many times in the pictures throughout the year. Assuming I can force them into it. Assuming I stick to it. Assuming I remember to do it. Assuming I don’t get hit by a bus… thats a lot of assumptions right off the bat huh?  😉

Sooo… what’s it all about then?  Well, it’s as simple as it sounds really,  it’s a photo every day for a whole year (oh god, pressure!). You get a picture theme every day to help prompt you and the very first one for 2020 is (rather predictably!) resolutions!  I wanted to take the very first one with the two people most precious to me in all of SL land and, as it turns out, I didn’t end up taking it at all. The wonderfullness and extreme talent that is Mr Bear Starr did and isn’t it just perfect! It was sorta hard to think of a resolution as Joe and Bear annoyingly say they don’t do them (ffs!) so I decided, randomly, on behalf of us all we were gonna have one about eating more veg because, well, one, you should right and two, there were these to die for cute wee broccoli’s that I found which make for the silliest picture.

Happy 2020 everyone – and remember to eat your greens!