Look #4 Whiling away Sunday…

Sooo! Do you ever say or type something and then a second later pause and think… wait, is that right? Happens to me all the blooming time. Today it happened when I typed whiling away the time . I put it out there then was all hmmmm…I’m not sure that’s correct, I mean, is it while or wile? Does wile even exist? Is it an actual word? While is but while means something differnent entirely doesn’t it so it can’t be that either. Mibbie while means something else too though? I better go ask Google. ‘Cause Google always knows doesn’t it. Welcome to my chaotic brain! This is the sort of thing that happens in my head a million times a day. I swear I am going to drive myself crazy(ier 😉 )one of these times.

Anyway, google it I did and you will be pleased to know (I doubt you will really) that while both are accepted, while is preferable and here is why;

The expression “while away the time” is the only surviving context for a very old use of “while” as a verb meaning “to spend time.” Many people substitute “wile,” but to wile people is to lure or trick them into doing something—quite different from simply idling away the time. Even though dictionaries accept “wile away” as an alternative, it makes more sense to stick with the original expression.

So now we are done with today’s witterings shall we get back to what I’m actually meant to be talking about? Okay! Today’s outfit was partially gifted by my Gorg Gal Morgan 😘

Here’s a head close up as the makeup is just soooo pretty and, the important part, the lovely bits the clever creators made 💋

Hair: Magika – Hair – Fiona (Size 1)
Ears: ^^Swallow^^  -Charm Ears
Makeup: PF] Eyeshadow Hyper glitz black light
Lips: Belle Epoque { Darah Lipstick } Lelutka (the red one!)
Tattoo: Kaos Tattoo – Metamorphosis

Bracelet: Cae :: Mantra :: Peace :: Bracelet
Choker: Kibitz – Mini collar [Daddy]
Bow: [Y.M.X.] hair bow headband black
Rings: Meva Small Bento Rings Silver Left

Top: Blueberry – FLF – 1/17 – Knotted Top – Maitreya
Skirt: -Pixicat- Vintage.Skirt (Maitreya)
Boots: Blueberry – FLF – 1/17 – Flat&Heels – Boots – Maitreya

Head: Lelutka Korina
Body: Maitreya
Skin: Deelatez Celtic

Pose: [Overlow Poses] Pack 67

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