The Droste effect

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 12.44.42.png

I got it wrong… again.

These days, it seems like I’m continually doing that… lurching headlong from one mistake slap bang into the middle of the next one. I’ve come to the conclusion, by a process of not too difficult elimination, that the recurring factor here, the thing fucking it all up time and time again, is, unfortunately, me.

I seem to say the wrong thing, or make people feel the wrong way, or misunderstand what they are telling me repeatedly. I never thought myself to be a really stupid person. Not the brightest sure, but I never considered myself to be completely thick. Lately I’ve been thinking that that tiny wee bit of semi-intelligence I apportioned to myself might be misplaced entirely.

Do you know what the Droste effect is? You probably do, even if you think you don’t and, even if you don’t there’s no need to Google it as I’m going to tell you what is is right here. It’s a repeated pattern. Something happening over and over again. An image duplicated where you expect another image to be, like this

I feel like I do the same thing over and over. I’m not going to quote that definition of madness thing… it’s been done to death. In fact, I see it on people’s SL profiles quite often. I wonder if that means there are others out there, like me, destined to repeat their mistakes sisyphuslike forever? Probably not. They probably learn. I wish I could. I don’t really know how to.

I think I’m kinda a mess.



2 thoughts on “The Droste effect

  1. I dunno what happened (again) Loopi, but you seem like such a great and intelligent person to me. Is there a chance you just have bad luck with other people? I’m sending you a hug, in case you want it and to let you know I think you’re fab ❤

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