Charmers of SL #2

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So. I logged into these lovely messages today:

[10:56] Emengard (oliviaemilygrace): (Saved Wed May 29 00:40:10 2019)’I shure wish cruush would notish me’ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[10:56] Emengard (oliviaemilygrace): (Saved Wed May 29 00:40:15 2019)Btw, is a man in your rl profile picture? ROFL!!!!!

I wonder if I know who it is?

(Quite probably. They know my nationality and I guess they read this blog which is unpublicised, hello you, whoever you are).

I wonder why people do this stuff?

(Honestly, it’s better just talk to me as you. This passive aggressive stuff  is … just silly).

I wonder if they really are foreign or just pretending?

( I analyse everything wayyyyy too much, including text patterns. I don’t know anyone stupid. At least not mentally stupid  😉  Everyone I know is way smarter than I am. They likely changed their default).

I wonder if their SL profile is about me?

(I’m guessing so…  it says Scottish and yep, that’s my RL picture there).

Ohwell. I guess I must have pissed someone off somewhere.

(I’m sorry if I’ve hurt or offended you however only if you were undeserving of it. Chances are if I cut you out of my life you likely handed me the scissors)

I didn’t look at the Youtube yet. I probably won’t. I imagine its something horrible. My skin isn’t that thick and I get affected by things.  So congratulations. You made me feel rubbish.

Second life at it’s finest! Again.

Tea,Sympathy and an angry person.

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 12.48.19.pngSometimes, at the cool wee club I go to in SL, they do this thing they call Tea and Sympathy. It’s basically a  group Q&A thing where themes are chosen and then someone (usually Kris) starts it all off by spinning a big red arrow which then stops on someone. The spinner  (usually Kris) then has to ask the person the arrow has selected a question within the parameters of the chosen theme and they answer. At least they are supposed to answer. I don’t answer very much as I don’t like divulging things to people I don’t know very well. I will and have answered in the past when I have felt comfy however that doesn’t happen very often.

It’s a bit of a dilemma as I feel like I’m sort of cheating by going along and not completely participating. I do like going though as I find many of the people there really, really interesting. I’m curious about them, about  their experiences, about how they think therefore I like hearing their answers to the questions.  Not this time but last for example I found out someone had met and married a person from SL and yes, they are still together.  How lovely is that? 🙂 I’m lucky that they tolerate me and let me come despite my reticence to participate.

Last night was sort of weird as there was someone new there I didn’t know who was kinda angry.   He was trying to not sound angry, I could tell …he was saying a lot of ‘I agrees’ and ‘I get your point of views’ but it was there in his voice, the jaggynettleness. You can’t hide that.  We all know a person like that don’t we? Someone who will call white black and who just loves to get into arguments. Someone all send and no receive. He felt like that sort of a person. He was there with someone and when the arrow alighted on her … we could hear her through his mic saying she didn’t have a mic and could she use his. There then ensued a bizarre dialogue between them debating this, deciding on this,  then eventually swapping the mic whilst we all just sat about thinking what the actual fuck is going on. From then on in they did a sort of tag team double act answer thing. It was all very strange but kinda amusing at the same time.  And I guess, really, I’m not best placed to criticise anyone given my own voice and participation failings.

All of this did make me think though, about voices and how affecting they are in SL when we can’t see the person. Much more so than they are iRL when we have a fuller picture, when they are supplemented by a persons looks, gestures, all that other stuff.  I automatically didn’t like that guy based on his voice. I wonder if  I would have had such an instant reaction iRL?  Maybe. Maybe not. Do I even consider voices face to face iRL.. I think yes as I do adore accents and sounds however, having thought about it a bit, its not the initial consideration. Voices do matter in SL though. It’s an extra element. It’s the something ‘more’ behind the avatar, another step closer to the real person. I like to hear a person’s voice. It helps me shape them in my head.

I don’t talk often. I have talked at the wee club one or two times and now,  when I go there, they often ask me talk again and, because they are super lovely,  they say things I think they think I will like such as  ‘you’ve a nice voice’  (I think they say this to everyone lol) however that actually has the opposite effect and makes me not want to talk at all… the pressure of it and the build up and the … inevitable disappointment when they realise Im just a Scottish girl with an accent no-one can understand  😉

So that’s how I spent the other night. At Altitude doing tea and sympathy…  there was no tea though by the way!  They need to remedy that. I’ll bring the scones.