Okay, I take that one back…

I no longer love the fucking rain.

Wandering around Glasgow hungover post gig when it’s pissing down and bloody freezing tends to do that to a person.

Do the different thing…

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Today, as I was leaving my gym I paused in the foyer as I usually do  for a second or two to zip up my jacket. It’s getting colder here now and I’ve been a little sick of late so I wanted to stay cosy and warm.  Mid zip something made me stop and glance outside, it was raining out there, the clouds a huge mass of grey intense swirl. A rubbish day, as folk would say.  People pushed past me buttoning up their coats, pulling their arms around them. Making themselves as small as possible as they rushed to their cars as fast as they could, eyes down. Bracing themselves against the cold wet weather. Hiding from it and in that instant I saw it all really differently. I don’t know why.

I didn’t go as far as taking off my coat but I did step out into the rain slowly raising my face to the sky feeling the little cold tickles as they hit my skin and rolled down my face over and over … and it felt good.

I was soaking by the time I reached my car but I wasn’t cold, it wasn’t unpleasant. It was quite the opposite. It made me feel happy, more alive. I peeled off my sodden jacket and felt the rain dance on my bare arms and stood for a few minutes more, just taking it all in. Embracing it. This small thing, oft ignored, often avoided and even disliked was actually…life affirming. We’re here on this earth with these wonderful, powerful elements and we so often exist in states of disharmony, of conflict and at that moment I was so very conscious of it. I was participating in it instead of avoiding it.

I guess it made me think about rushing, about learned behaviour and about ignoring the beautiful things literally right in front of our faces.

So please, please don’t rush though your life. Stop and do the different thing.

When it next rains, slow down. Turn your face up and feel it’s tickle.

Try it. Skins waterproof afterall 😉