1. …untitled is in itself a title which is kinda ironic  🙂 I just couldn’t think of anything to call this one. My mind is happily empty and my body is unusually relaxed.  Given where I am and what I’m doing mibbie I should have called it OM shanti.


I just thought I’d drop in to say a quick hello.  I didn’t really tell anyone I was leaving although I had planned this trip in my head for a wee while.  I want to clear out my mind and my body. Get back to the more basic and nourishing things in life. As part of this I’m trying to stay away from technology for a bit however it’s not always so easy it it? As you can see I’m failing intermittently 🙂  It can have it’s benefits however, for example at times like this when I can pop in to share with you my beautiful sunsets and wishes for happy days free of stress.

Its so absolutely calming here. Another world within a world. We are used to that aren’t we?

I’ll be here a little while yet I think …

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 15.36.11.png

Ma vidvishavahai,

Loops x



Hey out there, are you still awake?


Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 01.48.48

I’m awake. Truth be told I kinda like the wee small hours. The quiet, the darkness, the peace of it all. I’m sure SL is full of insomniacs, logged in to wile away the time. Passing the hours whatever way they can. Like me. Albeit thankfully only sometimes these days, like now when I don’t quite feel like sleeping yet. I used to be unable to sleep for what seemed like the longest time.  That’s passed now and I’m glad. I do still think about the things which chased sleep from my mind and body from time to time, after all you can’t stop thoughts popping into your head can you? However it no longer keeps me up at night. Time blurs and softens things.

It’s now wayyy past the bed time of the folk who go to the little club I’ve been inhabiting lately and I just couldn’t be bothered going anywhere else in SL, to another place where I might not like the music or worse, the people. Where the folk around me might try to talk to me. I don’t want to talk. I’m all out of talk tonight.

Instead I logged out and I’m listening to a playlist I listen to sometimes when I want to drift off ….hoping it’ll ease me into sleep slowly. Eventually….

I thought I’d share a few with you. It’s late and not many will see this post and I can always delete it in the morning. I could link you to my playlists … but that’d be just a step too close so instead you just get a few, you just get these…

Unloved, Soak, Cigarettes after sex, Zero 7, Bardoe, Frente, La Luz, Flunk, Cigarettes after sex (last time, promise 😉 ), Julia Jacklin.

Sweet dreams out there. I hope sleep finds you, maybe these will even help.

I hope it finds me.








Falling in love

….this little guy!  Lol did you think I meant a real life human being?  You did right?

Hah.. hardly!

There may be one or two I’m falling in like with however 😘 

Sooooooo why am I posting random blogs about puppy love? I have cats right? I’m a bona fide cat lady! I can’t be consorting with canines can I? Lol well, as it happens that’s exactly what I’m up to. I’m baby sitting my friends wee puppy just now, which is proving kinda interesting given that I have two wee cat fur babies of my very own. Yep. It’s awright though, they’ve managed not to kill each other. So far at least 😂

Am I mad, quite possibly. I couldn’t not though as this wee doggy is just so completely adorable I properly want to eat him all up. In fact I am pretty certain that he is actually the most adorable puppy ever spawned into existence ever. Like ever, ever.

This precarious dog/cat situation also means I might be tempted to write some more nonsense here as I’m too bloody scared to leave the house haha. Staying in means I am definitely going to get bored so I’m potentially gonna end up writing a whole heap of shite on here as I tend to do when I get fed up and run of of other things (every other thing possible) to do. Do you like staying in? I hate staying in and tend to go stir crazy if I don’t get out at least once a day.  Unless that is, I have someone fun to stay in with 😉 Even then I guess I still feel a need to get away, to escape.  Unfortunately I have also been told (warned lol) that the wee mutt is too teeny to drag out for a run just yet. Owell.

Alright, that’s enough drivel for today. I’m away and as per I will  give you some music to listen to  / ignore completely. If I’m gonna link music I probably should go with Elvis for this post huh? However I’m not going to as that’s just way too predictable. Instead I’m going with what I’ve been listening to today, because, well, it’s true isn’t it, some days are diamonds and some days are rocks.  It’s a Tom cover, a nice one though and an altruistic one which makes it doubly nice. If you like it too then I’d encourage you to buy it ’cause the proceeds will go to MusiCares which is an organization that helps all kinds of musicians.

Love ya (okay so that was a lie, however I’m certainly wishing you tons of  diamonds and a plethora of open road) Loops x