How the hell is everything?

This song is a good song for today.  I feel like jumping on a plane and running away (and I’m usually okay).

It’s a great SL song too, if you listen to the lyrics.

You start at the beginning and go on to the end
Sometimes a perfect stranger might end up your only friend
First you nod politely because you’re not that interested
Ask some abstract question like a bored psychiatrist
But then you get to talking about the plastic in the seat
The nightmare of their childhood and reality tv
It starts to sound familiar like you’re coming back to life
Make some observations start offering advice
Always look in both directions when you go to cross the street
And if you jump off any buildings make sure you land on your feet 


Well, it’s been awhile…

Favourite places.png
Swinging by from my favourite swing …

I haven’t visited this blog in a wee while so please accept my apologies for being so rubbish 🙂 I think that this is probably because there have been a lot of things happening which I didn’t necessarily want to share with everyone and I knew that if I ventured over here I would inevitably do it… via words or a song link or a picture. That all sounds terribly cryptic doesn’t it?  And wholly more interesting than the reality of it all I promise.

It’s the usual nonsense of course… relationship dynamics… different interpretations. New beginnings, upsetting endings. I guess whilst my sands shift and change, SL stays pretty much the same from this perspective 😉  It happens to us all doesn’t it? No (wo)man is an Island.

Today I decided it was time to swing by again. A few things encouraged me to do so actually.

One, by complete chance in SL the other night one of my favourite ever SL blog writers rezzed right beside me completely bloody randomly! I mean…what are the chances of that happening?  I’m thinking way low. Waaaaayy. Now, I’ve never met this guy in the pixels before…  never so much as dared an IM however I have admired him from afar for a good long while. I love his words and his interpretations of SL. I guess he sort of inspired me to dip my toes in again? Here’s his blog if you are interested: What the Huck?  and you should be interested, if you like blogs and unique perspectives you will like this guy. I think we may even have future conversations 😮  and this both pleases and scares me in equal measure.

Two, I’m feeling decidedly more detached and able to talk with the degree of anonymity I always promised myself I would again. I think I am at least.

And three (last one I promise) I peeked at my stats, as you do sometimes, and I noticed that, strangely, people are still visiting here even when I’ve been terribly remiss and not updating with any sort of regularity.  Hi by the way 🙂  I’m assuming you are all folk that I adore and talk to day in day out. Maybe not however as I do have the link to this rubbish blog  in my SL profile so if you aren’t someone I know then, well .. maybe introduce yourself one of these days. Although I warn you now I am awful at replying. Oh and to the person in Italy … whoever are you? You always make me wonder…I don’t think I know any Italians.

So hello again … and cheerio for now  x

Another Day on Earth

This is a beautiful, heartfelt track.  I went to see these guys the other week and I’ve been listening to this album every since, over and over and this song in particular. I just love it. You can hear the sincerity in his words… and the words, well, they’re sorta perfect for the way I’m feeling just now. The things I’m thinking.  I want serenity and calm. I want to look forward with positivity and open eyes despite the uncertainty and the fear of the unknown. I’m not a naturally positive or open person. I am trying to be though. Small steps still get you closer right?

I always adored Feeder and now I’m more in love than ever. A rekindled love affair, and we all know how intense those can be  😉

Holding thoughts ’til they transpire
The fear of the great unknown
Choices we make could change the rest of our lives
A blueprint of things to come

Them and Us

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 11.50.55
Stephen Fry

I was speaking to one of my very special people the other day. I like the way his brain works and the way he introduces ideas into my head which I then realise have been there all along he’s and just unearthed them and formulated them into words for me.  He’s very adapt at that and it’s definitely  one of the things that draws me to to him.

So anyway. We somehow fell into a conversation about the concept of  ‘Them’ and ‘Us’ and how people connect and … more often than not, how they don’t. I asked him if I could talk about it here and he kindly let me. With these words of warning.

“Just mind you’re not taken out of context though. Anyone who disagrees will only see you as pretentious”

So perhaps I divulge at risk. I like to think I’m far from pretentious though. And I definitely know he’s not. Not in the slightest. I think what he was saying is that that I may be seen to be insinuating that we see ourselves as being better than some folk, that the Thems’ are somehow lesser and the Us’ better. This isn’t the case at all. You can rest assured that I see myself  as less then virtually everyone on a whole manner of fronts  🙂  Aside from the usual array of  wronguns (I liked this description and I unashamedly stole it from said friend)  of course. I don’t drive cars into people or stab them or …do  any of those horrible things I really don’t want to mention here and I think I’m justified feeling a little morally better for it.

Okay focus. Them and Us. I think we all have these in our lives. Those people you feel comfortable with and  want to be around (the Us’) and those you, well, don’t (Thems).

We want find the Us’. Most initial meetings comes with an undercurrent … is this person someone I will want to talk to again?   Am I feeling that initial spark  and is it enough to  want to carry on talking or should I cut my losses and run (after a politely appropriate period of time has lapsed of course, I am British after all).

The power of connection is potent, it’s incredibly strong and pleasurable. My thought process goes sort of like this ‘I’ve found this person. They get me. I get them. We can properly talk. This is GREAT’.  When it happens it’s amazing, your heads join up and ideas flow back and forth between you, developing, expanding and maturing even dying exhausted from dissection.  Sometimes it’s fast and furious other time lazy and relaxed. Sometimes you say everything and sometimes you say nothing and both are perfectly perfect at the time.

When you get the above you’ve created an Us. Something shared. Us’ are elusive so this is special.

When you have an  Us then often, the differences between you and Them become more apparent. You’ll share a behaviour you’ve seen a Them demonstrating within your Us and validate it’s alienness. You may laugh or shake your head in despair bringing you closer and widening the gulf between you and the others.

I sometimes think though that some people don’t get that they are a Them … He sums this up way better than I ever can.

“It’s very easy to meet someone in SL and immediately talk to them as if they’re one of Us only to find you’re actually just ripping them to pieces because really they’re one of Them – how fucking pretentious does that sound?!

I don’t mean it that way though because I’m not saying I or we are better- they’re actually the majority of this world after all, however in SL I find it really odd how those people never say, erm excuse me, I’m one of those people you’re kinda ripping to pieces. They just agree and lol and all the usual stuff instead”

Maybe they don’t think about this as much as we do. Maybe they don’t think about it at all? Maybe we think to much (we definitely think too much).

I think (yes, again, I’m aware  😉 ) that what we should all do is go out there and find our Us. And your Us might not be the same as my Us. Probably won’t be. And this is perfectly fine.

As he says…

“Be true to yourselves people. Find who you are and be the shit out of it if it makes you happy. That’s all that really matters”

Random acts of kindness

Tonight I ventured into SL somewhat aprehensively in the hope of taking a new profile picture. If you’ve read my words you’ll know I am fucking awful at photos. I’ve been told (from people who aren’t) that the only way to get better is to practice so I’ve been doing a lot of  awfully frustrating practicing.

Having messed about a bit too long choosing my outfit and deciding on a suitable sim I realised that it was now past midnight and If I was going to do this tonight, I’d have to quit with the procrastination and get on with the task in hand. TPing to Hazardous I found my spot, selected my pose, messed about with my environment settings and camera controls and just as I was about to start I noticed this stunningly beautiful brunette in my background.  She would definitely have put my wee doll to shame had she been in the picture so I messaged her and asked her as politely as I could if she could move  over a wee bit, and she was ever so lovely and obliged.  And then I started the painful process of trying to take that elusive decent photo. I was about 2 mins in when something wonderful happened. The beautiful brunette sent me a photo she had taken of me.  Turns out she was a photographer herself and the picture was bloody amazing.  Don’t take my word for it though, see for yourself;

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 23.45.22Of course I tried to pay her for her troubles however she was having none of it. She said just the fact I liked it was payment enough. Isn’t that just incredible?

It’s these little acts of kindness that remind me how great SL can be sometimes. This woman as lovely inside as her avatar is on the outside completely made my day and reminded me how much of an impact small random gestures can have on people. She affected me and  I vow to do more of this sort of thing myself (starting tomorrow though as it’s late here and I’m sleepy and maybe not with photos as no-one would thank me for that!).

Ps .. incase you are wondering and want to engage this talented lass for a photo yourself, her av name is Maia McKeenan.  Photography is clearly a passion for her and I adore her words:

“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.”

Do look her up. She is all kinds of special in many different ways.

Maia’s Flickr